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Renting Company

The best assistance in leasing and renting. Whether you are searching or want to be found, WoonCompany assists you.

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Sale Company

WoonCompany represents your interests, both in terms of conditions of sale as well as the best price in the market.  All benefits are in your interest. 

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Purchase Company

Tell WoonCompany what you want and it will take the search, negotiation and paperwork out of your hands.


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Management Company

WoonCompany stands for active property management and assists you, if required, with the financial, commercial and technical management.

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Latest properties

Jacob van der Doesstraat 94 C € 1.100 p.m. excl.
Piet Heinstraat 84 D
€ 950 p.m. incl.
Obrechtstraat 415
€ 1.995 excl.
van Reesstraat 41
€ 1.350 p.m. excl.
Neptunusstraat 53
€ 179.000 k.k.